Brenda Hobdell

01-02-2020 00:00 - 08-02-2020 00:00
Brenda has been practicing Iyengar yoga for over 30 years and teaching since 1990.  She is a senior teacher and has studied with the great guru BKS Iyengar.  She is a regular visitor to the Iyengar Institute in Pune,India and continues to study with Iyengars children Geetaji and Prashant Iyengar.  As she explain it “Once you have been touched by an Iyengar that physical, emotional and spiritual knowledge is passed on and that knowlede is passed on to clients”.  When she makes a physical adjustment to you, you feel that knowledge flowing through you.
She is also trained in remedial yoga and pregnancy yoga and is a member of the Complimentary and Natural Health Care Council which is part of the British Council for Yoga Therapy.
Brenda trained to teach adults with learning difficulties and taught at Lewisham College and has also trained to teach people with Multiple sclerosis and has taught for Headway, a project which teaches people who have had strokes.
Brenda has vast experience in teaching people with a range of remedial problems from muscular skeletal to physiological and emotional well being.