Sri Birjoo Mehta

24-07-2020 - 30-07-2020 All day

Birjoo is adept & focused yoga Trainer who learned yoga under the tutelage of Sri BKS Iyengar in 1974. Engineer by profession, he is a very senior teacher of Iyengar yoga at Ramamani Iyengar memorial yoga Institute, Pune and is a trustee of Light on Yoga Research Trust, Mumbai. He used to demonstrate the Iyengar Yoga at the conventions and workshops attended by his Guru.

He Learned not only right postures, alignment and breathing but also imbibed the teachings about spiritual and mental processes and their prominence in performing asanas. Today he guides his students to think intellectually while going through the asanas and bring mind to a static and balanced state that can be directed towards performing the postures without any fear or anxiety of doing them.

As a guest leader he has led National Iyengar yoga Convention at San Diego, Germany, Spain, U.K., France and South Africa.



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