Rain water Harvesting Structures:

Kolar is land locked district and hard rock terrain of Karnataka. District falls in the eastern dry agro-climatic zone. It experiences a semi –arid climate, characterize by typical monsoon tropical weather. Being a semi-arid area, the district is drought prone and faces acute water scarcity. By realizing the situation, Trust started constructing Rainwater harvesting structures in the Campus. At present 2 structures are built with a capacity of 15,000,000 ltrs, and we are now planning to construct one more structure with a capacity of 1,000,000 ltrs.

You can see the 2 tanks in the below image which are in blue color filled with rain water….

Afforestation Work:

Being a semi-arid area, the district is drought prone and faces acute water scarcity and no forest cover in the region. Near by lakes are dried up with Filling & No proper care. Trust took a new initiative to rejuvenate these small lakes/ponds which will benefit all participants.

After consultations with the Local authorities & Village leaders, shifted Approximately 30000 Truck loads of the lake soil to Campus &  Approx 2000 Plants (Consists of Neem, Mango, Silver Oak, Amla, Coconut, Jamun & Teak… etc.) were Planted by the Participants visited the Campus. With this initiative The Campus got the green cover & the 2 near by lakes were rejuvenated & it further helps in increase the Ground water level.




You can see the the Soil Dumped in the image….



Agriculture Productivity Enhancement:

Being Agriculture is the mainstay of Indian Economy and along with its allied sectors contributes approximately 22% of National GDP, while 65-70 % of the population is dependent upon agriculture for their livelihood. The imperative of National food security and economic development demands a focused and resolute approach to raise Productivity and Production in Agriculture. So, we are planning to initiate a program “Agriculture productivity Enhancement” to improve the Agriculture productivity & Production to improve the livelihood of the Bellur & Surrounding villages.

Current Year, the Trust has distributed the seeds of High yielding Varieties of millet (Ragi as known in local language) to 25 farmers on a trial basis.


The extracts of Audited Operating Expenditure Related to above activities incurred in the last 3 Financial Years:

Financial year 2016-17 : INR 16,07,742 (USD: 22,968)

Financial Year 2017-18: INR 61,43,097.48 (USD: 87,759)

Financial Year 2018-19: INR 11,54,346.14 (USD:  16,491)