The Technical Training center at SRSI Institutions at Bellur Village was inaugurated by Yogacharya.B.K.S. Iyengar on 30th May 2014. This initiative was supported by Bajaj Auto Ltd.

The purpose of this center is to sensitize and generate awareness in the community about the new initiative taken by the Trust to provide the life skills training and to provide the job opportunities, and to guide the young boys & girls of the surrounding villages to have focus on the importance of job skills in present education scenario, and opportunities they will get through this training center in the future.



BKSSNT trust has entered an MoU with BOSCH CSR activity with the intention to provide the employable skills to school dropouts, as part of its objective to provide lively hood to rural unemployed Youth.

The initiative took place in Feb 2017.till date the Centre completed 5 batches of each students. All the students are equipped with soft skills & personality development classes to secure the job in service industry. All the students have secured the job through Campus placement with CCD (Café Coffee Day) , Barathi Arirtel, SBI credit Dept.. Name a few.

To everybody’s surprise, with in a year of its operation the Centre achieved the certificate as 2nd best training Centre in India & Upgraded as Model Centre by BOSCH.

The extracts of Audited Operating Expenditure Related to Technical Training Center incurred in the last 3 Financial Years:

Financial year 2016-17 : INR 17,74,556.3 (USD: 25,351)

Financial Year 2017-18: INR 28,87,871.15 (USD: 41,255)

Financial Year 2018-19: INR 17,64,743.98 (USD:  25,211)