Yogā Teachers

Shobha Jaltare

Yoga Teacher & Practitioner

Shobha Jaltare is a committed student and practitioner of Yog since past 3 decades or more. Her journey in Yog began with Yogashree Shri. H.S. Arun, with further instruction from Late Smt. Geetaji and Shri. Prashantji. This rich diverse training continues to this day.

Over the years her passion for sharing the transformative power of Yog led her to conduct workshops in a variety of settings. She have worked with undergraduate students at Dharmaram College, staff at OnMobile company, Women entrepreneurs at ‘Swakruta’ , Architecture students, Maharashtra mandal in Bhilai and Bangalore among others.

Did one workshop for the teachers of Yogabharati to deepen their understanding of the postures. Of all her experiences, the most rewarding has been teaching students of class 4 to class 7 in a government school, a commitment she upheld for 5 years until the pandemic.

With 25 years of experience of leading classes, the journey has diversified into teaching online ensuring continuity of learning for her students. Her goal is is to enable all students to experience the transformative potential of practice of Asanas. Iyengar system is Therapeutically so strong that many people have found relief from pain. Thanks to Guruji🙏🏻